It could almost be said that Yvérick is part of the furniture at lean expert! Hugo Poulin, President and founder of the company, gave him a chance to leave the University six years ago. Always as motivated to help his clients in improving their business performance, he is now the oldest employee of the team.

A distinctive profile

Unlike his colleagues, mostly engineers, Yvérick first completed a certificate in psychology, wishing to learn more about human behaviors. He subsequently completed a Bachelor’s degree in administration, operations management profile.

Since arriving at lean expert, Yvérick has accumulated several projects that have led him to accompany many clients successfully. “I intervene as an adviser at all levels of the company. Whether with management, executives or employees, my job is to improve their productivity. »

Human, positive and solution mode

Patient and calm, Yvérick is focused on solutions. To him, highlighting a problem is a positive element that is a unique opportunity for improvement.

Yvérick’s distinctive path ensures that he has a people-oriented approach. “I am very human, although my approach is results-oriented. Most people do not need to be told what to do. They need to be listened to, understood and accompanied in order to take the right direction. I help my clients take action and do it the right way. »

It also ensures that companies perform the steps in the right order. “Most of our customers know their problems, but they need support to settle them and prioritize. My role is to guide the client to target the real problems and decide on the right sequence of actions to be undertaken. »

Its preferred lean concept

What you don’t see in the naked eye is what Yvérick prefers for continuous improvement. “We cannot impose the concept. If one manages to develop a corporate culture that is understood and to which employees adhere and participate, that is what will make the difference. »

A quote that inspires it on a daily basis

“Successful people are asking better questions, and as a result, they get better answers,” by Antony Robbins. That’s kind of what I do in my work. I guide clients so that they identify the best questions, in order to find the best solutions. »

Two authors to discover

Yvérick very much appreciates the author Mike Rother who wrote the book Toyota kata. “Rother is a lean manufacturing genius. He studied lean culture in Japan and wrote books on the basics of philosophy. »

The book «2 second lean» by the author Paul Akersur is also found on his bedside table. “It is a simple book, accessible to all, pleasant to understand and to put into practice in his everyday life. Akersur is funny and motivant. »

Passionate about travel and hockey, Yvérick knows how to score points, both on the ice and for his clients.

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