Would you like to optimize your ways and increase your competitiveness? Maybe it’s time to think about the digital turn of your business. In the era of new technologies, the 4.0 diagnosis. is the ultimate tool for your organization’s digital transformation. Good news, this method is subsidized to 100 by the Ministry of economy and innovation (MEI). We’d be crazy to do without it!

Here are the main steps of our personalised support process:

1. filling out the documents for obtaining the grant

After contacting us, we will provide you with all the necessary information and documents to be completed so that you can benefit from the grant offered by MEI.

Once the paperwork is finalized, we will plan the process with you.

2. Presentation, visit and interviews

The details of the evaluation method will be presented to you first, accompanied by a representative of MEI. We will then proceed to visit your place of business. To ensure we know all of your processes, we will be interviewing about an hour for each of them.

It is essential to take a complete tour of the garden in order to have a portrait at 360 degrees of your current situation. During our discussions, the answers to the following three questions will allow us to make the correct diagnosis and to issue the best recommendations:

  1. How is the information received?

Whether it is a Web platform, a survey, people or other encounters, the full list of inputs will be compiled.

  1. How is the information processed?

Is there one or more systems in place? Are they automated or manual? We will do a detailed inventory of the tools used.

  1. How is the information transferred?

Paper or verbal reports, email exchanges, etc., everything has to go under the magnifying glass!

3. Report and recommendations

Once we have completed our assessment, we will submit our diagnostic report with our recommendations and the proposed action plan.

Lean expert’s added value

For lean expert, to diagnose 4.0 means to make a thorough, rigorous and specific analysis of the digital management of our customers.

No matter where you stand from a digital point of view, we will be able to accompany you through all the steps that will ultimately lead you to the attainment of the coveted 4.0. We have a network of specialized partners who will get their hands on the dough as needed.

But there’s more.

Thanks to our knowledge of the field and our expertise in continuous improvement, we will also share with you our recommendations related to the improvement of your ways of doing things. Because before scanning, we must not neglect the improvement of processes, which will certainly help to eliminate waste, increase your efficiency and increase your profitability.

Would you like to learn more about the lean expert 4.0 diagnosis?

Contact us to discuss this, this is our speciality!