This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Samuel Nault. A training engineer and teacher, Samuel has a concern to adapt to the reality of each company. Day after day, this Automation enthusiast accompanies our customers to the success of their continuous improvement efforts.

A diversified course

Samuel has been educated in automated production engineering at the ETS. He also trained in education at the Cégep de Thetford. After a brief passage in teaching, he wanted to reconnect with the action and work in the field. He first worked for three years in the manufacturing sector, in production optimization. Samuel then made the management leap, as quality Manager, in the field of plastics processing. With these enriching experiences, he joined our ranks in 2016.

Gifted in computer science

In addition to his role as project manager, Samuel is responsible for technology support at lean expert. This talent serves him greatly when it comes time to advise clients on it development, whether it is to implement forms, indicators or dashboards.

Understanding the terrain, a valuable asset

Having had the opportunity to work in a company, Samuel understands the different issues that clients face. This advantage contributes to the quality and success of its accompaniment.


Samuel adapts easily to the style of his interlocutor. No matter what client he accompanies, the match is a winner. “I can adopt a professional attitude with a corporate President, but also have a more familiar tone with an operator or a team leader. I adapt without problem to the client, which helps a lot. »

Its preferred lean concept: improved processes

Samuel is a supporter of lean culture and is convinced that process improvement is a successful recipe. Thanks to lean expert’s approach, customers have the opportunity to take a complete wheel tour of their processes. This approach makes it possible to target needs well, to know where to start and to go through the right steps. “Helping to eliminate the irritants of my clients and get tangible improvement gains is a great source of motivation and satisfaction for me.”


A person he admires: the multidisciplinary engineer Jacques fresco, who died in 2017. “Fresco has imagined a theoretical model of resource-based and waste-free society. His vision was lean and sustainable. It’s a model to follow. It is very inspiring for the future. »

The quote that inspires him: “ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. This Chinese proverb means that it is never too late to begin. ”

A book to read: The GOAL of the author Eliyahu M. Goldratt. “This book deals with production optimization. It is not recent, but it is still very current. It’s a reference in lean. »

For a personalized accompaniment and the implementation of the best management tools, Samuel is a reference of choice.

Contact him for an assessment, he’s already looking forward to meeting you!