Quebec has a serious labour problem, you probably feel it in your company. You try to keep your competent employees as much as possible, delay their retirement time… but the problem remains. And it gets worse when you need manpower with specific skills. What if we turn the problem into a solution?

Reverse how to recruit

Like all other companies, you are looking for experienced people, graduates, bilinguals, knowledgeable about your field and related software… Normal, right? But once these rare beads are hired, you want them to join the values of your organization, engage with the company and be loyal to it. Why don’t we try the reverse process? Imagine hiring people who respond from the outset to the values of your company and then develop their skills? Not crazy!

Of course, the development of corporate skills has been around for a long time, but what if it was included in the staffing and integration process? Just look at things differently! First find the employee of your dreams. You know, the one that fits perfectly with your team and your vision for the future is the most important. Does he lack certain skills? Do not put it aside as you would have done ten years ago. Because think about it for a moment: Is it simpler to change the nature of a person or his or her skills?

The global and sustainable solution certainly goes through a revisited development strategy.

Develop skills

Even before your new employee comes in, give them training to complete their knowledge. and continue the program throughout its advancement. This is called “demonstrating your confidence”. This is how you will keep your company loyal, that departures will be less frequent and that the quality of what needs to be produced is improved.

A proven way of doing it

Septic? Several companies have already adopted this approach. This is the case in particular of Agropur, about 30 years ago, who invested in the literacy of its employees when the touch screens of digital control machines appeared. A gesture of respect and recognition at the same time. Another example? Aviation companies that hire more people who know how to serve the clientele than graduates. But they offer training for several weeks before they actually work. Some companies have even already had the reflex to create trainings that respond to the lack of certifications offered in their field. Maybe it’s your case?

The Labour crisis is there.

It’s time to change our methods. To use a technique that will yield short, medium, but also long-term results.

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