maintenance management

Maintenance Management

Our multi-disciplinary team prepares a complete analysis of your maintenance considering the following aspects:  strategy and deployment, cost management, indicators, scheduling and production planning, preventive maintenance, conditional maintenance, reliability / maintainability, resource management, management of sub-contractors, resource development, asset management (CMMS), tooling, equipment care, major outage management, lubrication management and maintenance management system.

Our team then develops and implements the program by responding to your specific needs and targets, followed by training and coaching the managers to put into practice the new concepts of maintenance management.

At the end of our intervention, the tools used allow you to establish a detailed, optimal schedule of maintenance. Afterwards, your managers will have in their possession the VAP toolbox as well mastery of the managerial skills acquired, applicable on a daily base. Their decision-making ability will be enhanced, bringing clarity and optimal precisions within the framework of a continuous improvement philosophy.

Upon completion, the company is presented with a specifically tailored maintenance management plan. A reduction in costs caused by machinery breakdowns can now be a reality.