LEAN-EXPERT is an engineering consultant firm specializing in ‘’Lean Management’’. How do we differentiate ourselves from other common firms?
We stand out with our distinctive, personalized approach!
We work in close collaboration with business owners. This is key to our success!
Bulldozing through your business and leaving you high and dry, this is not our approach. Quite the opposite!
Our synergistic methodology works closely with YOUR personnel, establishing YOUR priorities and building upon YOUR existing assets. The result? The proposed plan will be in accordance with YOUR values. Our consulting team is present before, during and after the intervention, always close and poised to help, It’s a promise!
This approach, designed by Hugo Poulin, president of LEAN-EXPERT, has proven its value hundreds time over.
With more than fifteen (15) years of experience on large-scale projects for various industry giants in Asia, Europe, United States and Canada, Hugo Poulin has successfully deployed numerous management systems! Today, it is under his strict supervision that every plan designed, and each subsequent action taken and implemented with your personnel, is done so under close supervision and in collaboration with LEAN-EXPERT’s specialized team of trainers. All is accomplished in accordance with your company’s objectives.
A solid background, sustainable intervention plans, and experienced & respected field professionals, result in the equation of success at LEAN-EXPERT.

The Initial Process

  1. An initial free-of-charge meeting to define your specific needs.
  2. Overview of the situation.
  3. Design and proposal of an intervention plan.
  4. Investigation of eligible programs available to finance your project.

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We stand out with our distinctive, personalized approach!

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