The skills push the boundaries.


ELIMINATE pitfalls.
ESTABLISH effective procedures.
ENSURE the sustainability of actions taken.
That's the promise of our engineering consulting firm!
Your role in all this?
Continue to hold the reins of your company.

Six reasons to hire us!

New and Complex Challenges

Growth & Expansion Difficult to Manage

Orders Refused

Variations in the Products Quality

Lack of Communication

Low Productivity or Insufficient Capacity


From A to Z, an implicated, dedicated coaching process.
Efficient management systems, and continuous action plans
An approach prioritizing and involving your biggest asset, your human resources!
Creating lasting changes - Our tactical team is ready to intervene:

Administrative Management / Project Management/ Engineering / Design

Obtaining your employees’ commitment and implication through qualified skilled managers who are provided with the tools necessary to respond to all challenges.

Research and Development Management (Innovation)

Reduce costs and developmental delays of implementation and start up.

Production Management (VAP, 5S, Kanban, SMED)

Train and coach managers to commit to an optimized and integrated management system of continuous improvement.

Supply Management / Purchasing / Inventory

Simplify the procurement process, reduce inventory costs, eliminate stock shortages.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Logistic Planning / Shipping / Transportation

Optimize the time, quality and price of travel (shipping and receiving) of merchandise.

Mini formations

Constantly increase the expertise and know-how of the teams on all levels.

A competent team.
A different approach.


With LEAN-EXPERT, your most complex challenges are always overcome, mission accomplished!
See for yourself!

Some missions accomplished!

Video of satisfied customers


Améliorer son processus de vente

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(581) 680-0666

105 Rue Notre Dame E,
Thetford Mines, QC
G6G 2J9

Formation LEAN-EXPERT inc.

(581) 680-0666

105 Rue Notre Dame E,
Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada
G6G 2J9

1 Place Ville-Marie, bureau 2001,
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