Good? What if she could be even more than good? If we are looking for optimal management?

Don’t be fooled, even if the quality of your products and/or services is an essential part of your company’s success, your employees are a fundamental pillar. And in times of labour shortages as we currently live, maximizing the well-being of your staff is paramount.

Usually in the Human resources department, the personnel administration team is specifically responsible for all the administrative tasks necessary to manage your employees. Its role includes the management of employment contracts, remuneration, leave and absences.

Over the current administrative management of your company.

Are your professionals listening?

Make sure your staff’s administration team has the profile and qualities they are looking for to adequately assist your employees. Members of this service must be discreet because they have access to a lot of personal information. They must also be available and tuned to answer questions and concerns of employees in relation to their working conditions. Professionalism would be appropriate.

Do you respect the laws in force?

The law is the law! Compliance with regulations applicable to labour law is imperative. Consider the management of holidays or parental leave. Also have a look at the legislative changes in place to stay on top of the new rules and make sure you apply them.

Do you have impeccable record keeping?

The records of your employees should be centralized in the same place and their content meticulously organized. The setting up of clearly defined standards will allow you to ensure a flawless structure. This will prevent the loss of important and often confidential information. Also provide adequate and proven security measures to ensure that confidentiality of personal information is strictly adhered to. Access must be limited to the right people.

Do you have an accessible and interactive system?

Your process must be transparent to your employees. To this end, the latter should have easy access to the information concerning them. It is ideal to have an interactive system that allows members of your staff to manage their own files themselves, for example to complete and approve timesheets or to manage and track absences. You will gain greatly in time and efficiency while minimizing the risk of error.

Do you use a good administrative management computer system?

This is a must for the implementation of an effective process. There are several tools and software available on the market. Take the time to shop them and compare them before making an investment. Sometimes it’s best not to go too fast to ensure you make a sustainable and scalable choice. A pilot project could also be an interesting option.

And then, if we rest the same question: How is the administrative management of your company? Is the answer the same?

You see, there’s always room for progress. And in the current context of lack of manpower, setting up an efficient, transparent and rigorous administrative management process will make all the difference!


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