You know, your employees spend many hours a day at the office. In order to optimize their productivity and comfort, it is important to make sure that they feel good… a bit like home!

Here are some things to consider to make sure you get all the positive effects of a good layout of your workspaces.

Organized, flexible and friendly

Good landscaping is first wisely organized according to the available space. It must be well delineated, not overloaded and allow for smooth circulation. In addition, common spaces and work tools, such as storage units and photocopier, should be easily accessible to all. We also suggest that you opt for flexible materials to make your environment evolve more easily while minimizing costs. Also consider promoting access to Windows and natural light as it contributes greatly to the morale of the troops. To be in harmony with nature and benefit from its benefits, some plants will be able to complete your décor.

Private or open spaces?

It is important that the chosen design is optimal depending on the nature of the tasks to be performed by your employees. If open spaces are very popular and have been growing in popularity over the last few years, this option is not necessarily the best in all cases. On the one hand, open-air offices are a good way to optimize space and encourage collaboration, innovation and employee interaction. However, some disadvantages such as ambient noise levels can reduce productivity and increase the level of stress among some staff members. If you opt for open-air offices, it is still essential to provide private spaces where your employees will be able to perform certain tasks requiring more concentration or confidentiality.


It goes without saying that your work areas need to be safe. Thus, the furniture chosen must help to minimize pain and injury while maximizing comfort. An ergonomic design is an investment in your human capital.

Sports and Rest areas

Setting up rest and entertainment areas promotes the good humour and well-being of employees. A cafeteria, a relaxing area, a reading area or sports facilities are good examples. More and more companies are aware of the importance of encouraging their employees to take care of themselves and their health. Several studies have concluded that encouraging physical activity at work increases creativity, improves morale and boosts team productivity .

Design to your image

Since the era of beige screens is now over, creative and original development possibilities are numerous. Remember that your office is a communication tool that conveys the image of your company and reflects its culture. The work areas must create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees and inviting places for your customers. Before you consider redesigning your offices and approving the plans, probe the opinions of your employees. Their comments and suggestions will allow you to fully understand their needs and promote adherence to change.

As you can see, the layout of the office is more than a story of scenery. Well-thought out workspaces contribute significantly to the well-being and performance of your employees. So it’s essential to linger!