Training is at the heart of entrepreneurs ‘ concern. There are several avenues. The employees are trained at the school, in a vocational training centre, adult education, continuing education, online training, coaching, companions and others. Training is an essential tool for developing your skills, learning how to work with new equipment, the process of a new process, qualifying for a new position, finding a job, or keeping your current job. The training allows to develop a competent, efficient and productive succession. The training standardizes the documents, increases the motivation and the sense of belonging of the workers involved. It improves the quality of the products produced and ensures a better competitiveness for the company. The training allows to increase the professional skills related to knowledge, know-to be and know-how.

What training is available?

At Lean Expert, training is at the heart of our business mission: to develop and master knowledge, transfer and consolidation of skills… We have developed trainings lasting one hour. There is no prerequisite for these trainings. The goal is to update the knowledge and skills of your employees, your new employees who may not have had these trainings in their previous experiences. Whether it’s 5s, Kaizen, SMED or PVA, you can choose from more than fifty available formations. You know the basic tools of continuous improvement and want to move to a higher level? You will be able to choose from level 2 courses such as: optimization of production scheduling, Hoshin Kanri, Industry 4.0 and more. At the end of the survey, a questionnaire is used to validate employee gains.

With these trainings, we want to transfer our knowledge to improve the skills of your employees. By their short duration, they fit beautifully in a schedule without too much penalizing the production. They are given by specialists who have several years of experience.