Are your employees happy and committed to work? It is no longer a secret, the skilled workforce is now a scarce commodity. So it is more important than ever to stand out with it. We offer a few simple and inexpensive tips to maximize the commitment of your employees and their level of well-being at work!

Fostering work-Family balance

Work-family conciliation, the subject of the hour! By promoting it, you will increase the quality of life of your employees, reduce their stress levels and contribute to their productivity and commitment to work. You can consider several options such as telework, flexible hours, sick leave, etc.

Congratulating, saying thank you and acknowledging their work

A little pat on the back, it costs nothing and sometimes it makes all the difference! It is important to congratulate your employees on their good moves and to regularly underline your appreciation of their work. These gestures of recognition are an important source of motivation and commitment. On occasion, do not forget the small attentions that will be greatly appreciated by your employees. Offer them a coffee, doughnuts, a greeting card for a birthday… Let your imagination go!

Organize social activities

A pleasant and lively atmosphere contributes to the well-being of your employees in the workplace. A dining out to the restaurant, a community breakfast, a sports activity, a reading club… There are many possibilities! And why not involve your employees by proposing the creation of a social activities Committee?

Advancing your employees

It is essential to give feedback and coaching to your employees. Think about planning a small budget to provide them with training opportunities on an ongoing basis. Also be on the lookout for any opportunity that could enable them to achieve a new challenge, develop and progress. Whether it is a new position to fill, an implication in a large project, a position on a committee or a special mandate, they will appreciate it.

Involve your employees in decision making

Encourage youth participation of your employees and involve them in your decision-making processes, especially in those that might have an impact on their work. Ask them questions, listen to their comments and invite them to submit suggestions for improvement or solution. Not only will it promote their commitment, but they’ll feel useful and make a difference. You could also find some great ideas that you hadn’t thought of!

Communicating your company’s mission

Do your employees know why their work is important? It is important to communicate clearly the vocation of your company and its mission in order to give your employees a sense of what they are doing. This is an essential ingredient to their commitment.

By putting these things in place, you will promote the dedication and happiness of your employees at work. A committed workforce will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your business and the success of your business. Remember that the salary alone is not enough to make an employee happy!