Do you sometimes feel disorganized and lose the thread of your projects? Is it difficult to communicate effectively with your employees? The Trello tool is probably what you need! Launched in 2011, the application has millions of users all over the world. Five reasons to adopt it on the spot!

  1. It is simple and friendly.

Simple on the surface, but big under the hood “, is one of the slogans of the company. And we understand immediately why! Trello allows you to plan and organize all your projects remotely, whether personal or professional, with a single tool. Inspired by the Kanban method of Toyota, this system consists of tables, lists and maps. Each table gives the overall picture of a project. Customizable lists and maps contain content and tasks.

The visual is most user friendly. In a glance, you will have an overview of your project. The system is intuitive and easy to use. Don’t worry, there is no need to be a technology pro to quickly master the features.

  1. It allows for effective collaborative work.

Trello is ideal for remote teamwork. It allows you to collaborate virtually with all the participants of a project, regardless of where they are in the world. No matter how many people are involved, they can be added to the table of your project in order to feed the content and communicate. The profile of your employees is customizable, photo included, which will allow you to distinguish them easily.

With this tool, all the interactions with the members will be centralized in the same place. Completed emails, text messages, calls or other alternative modes of exchange. Absolutely everything is handled through the table. In the presence of several speakers who do not physically work in the same place, Trello makes the communication flow undeniably easier. It also allows productivity and efficiency gains.

  1. It is an instant communication channel.

One of your collaborators publishes a comment? A question is asked by a user? You will be informed instantly. Thanks to its powerful notification system, Trello will notify you in real time of any new contribution to a project. This will allow you to interact quickly and effectively with your colleagues.

  1. It’s accessible.

In addition to being able to use it on your computer, Trello is accessible on all your mobile devices. You will be able to download the application on your cell phone or on your tablet, whether it is Apple brand or Android.

  1. It’s free.

One cannot ignore the fact that the basic version is absolutely FREE! With its many features, this one should probably will do. For higher professional use, paying options are also available.

So it’s really worth the effort… Who knows, you may not be able to do without. Because the try is to adopt it!

Of course, a good use of Trello fits into a global intervention strategy.

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